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Jack Stencler

Hi, my name is Jack. I didn't start out as a hairstylist. I was a Navy man and when I came out of the service I did Electrical work. My brother in law owned a Barber shop and came to me and said "You should do this". So I enrolled in Cosmetology school and the rest is history. Over the years I've worked for some talented people, always staying on top of the current hair styles and culture. I was a member of  the Philadelphia Hair Fashion Guild  for many years and owned my own salon for 24 years. After all the years I still have fun making people feel and look their best.

I love spending time with my beautiful wife Marie, who was also my business partner. Now a days we keep busy with all our grandkids activities. You can always find me fishing where ever  I can find a spot. 


If your looking for a change why not pay me a visit!


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