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Sue Wertz

Hi! I'm Sue, thanks for looking at my bio. Ever since I can remember I wanted to be a stylist. My barbies had crazy cuts and scandalous magic marker highlights. lol. I've always loved to draw and paint, so hair is a perfect creative platform. I love color, I mean I LOVE IT!!! The more of a challenge, the better. I"ll give you an honest and professional consultation. You'll feel comfortable and at ease in my chair. Looking at skin tone, face shape, and eye color, I can see what will give that pop you're looking for. You'll leave feeling good about the look we've created together. Whether it's that bold and exciting look or a classic and elegant look. Staying on top of education is key. I'm always looking to give my clients fresh new looks. Making you happy is my goal and it's the most amazing feeling watching your eyes light up and smile with confidence.

I'm a DIY queen! Fixing, painting, or designing a space is heaven. Give me something old and outdated and I'm in my happy place. As much as I love the beauty industry, I'm not super girly. I love to go camping and fishing with my family. I'm super competitive in all games.(I will trash talk my opponents, even my kids) Speaking of kids, I have 2 great kids, Ethan and Abby, and a handsome husband Nate. I'm a a huge Harry Potter fan. Feel free to nerd it out with me.

Hair is my passion, so if looking good is yours, then let's get this party started!!

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